Book Amnesty

Library Book Amnesty

There are quite a number of pupils with very overdue library books  – we just want the books back – no questions asked!

We’re having a book amnesty for the next 2 weeks so please check for any books that may be lurking at home and in school bags and hand them in either to the school library, the school office or to any English teacher. Again, we want to emphasise we just want the books back – no questions asked (and there are no fines for overdue books)! The library is usually open every day before school, during break, from 13:05 at lunchtime and after school.

Anyone with overdue books cannot borrow any other library books until the overdue books are returned, replaced or paid for and the School Librarian is happy to speak to any pupil who has ‘lost’ their library book so we can sort something out.

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