Scottish Government Census: Parental Involvement and Engagement

Scottish Government Census: Parental Involvement and Engagement

Survey will be live from 14th June to 28th June.


Aberdeen City is taking part in a national census of parental involvement and engagement. This work has been led by Scottish Government as part of the “Learning Together” Action Plan. This will be the first time data will be gathered nationally to inform future practice.


We require you to promote and share this information with all parents/carers using usual your usual communication channels on the  14th June 2019. The links will be only be live on these dates. A preview of the survey has been sent in Head teacher communication.


Groupcall messenger / email text

Please take part in this national survey around Parental Involvement in school. The information collected will help Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Government improve how our school involves you in your child’s learning.


Please complete the census using the link for your setting: Primary: Secondary: Special:



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