School Holiday Dates 2020-2025

School Holiday Dates – 2020 – 2025

  2020/2021 2021/2022 2022/2023 2023/2024 2024/2025
Term 1          
Staff training day


Mon. 17th August Mon. 16th August Mon. 22nd August Mon. 21st August Mon. 19th August
Pupils return


Tue. 18th August Tue. 17th August Tue.  23rd August Tuesday 22nd August Tue. 20th August
September holiday Fri. 25th September and

Monday 28th September

Fri. 24th September and Monday 27th September Fri. 23rd September & Mon. 26th September Fri. 22nd September and Mon. 25th September Fri. 20th September and Mon. 23rd September
Term ends


Fri. 9th October Fri. 8th October Fri. 14th October Fri. 13th October Fri. 11th October
October holiday Mon. 12th October –

Fri. 23rd October

Mon. 11th October –

Fri. 22nd October

Mon. 17th October –

Fri. 28th October

Mon. 16th October – Fri. 27th October Mon. 14th October – Fri. 25th October
Term 2          
Term starts


Mon. 26th October Mon. 25th October Mon. 31st October Mon. 30th October Mon. 28th October
Term ends


Fri. 18th December Tuesday 21st December Thur. 22nd December Thur. 21st December Fri. 20th December
Winter holiday Mon. 21st December -Mon.  4th January Wed. 22nd December – Wed. 5th January Fri. 23rd December – Fri. 6th January Fri. 22nd December – Fri. 5th January Mon. 23rd December – Fri. 3rd January
Term 3          
Term starts


Tue. 5th January Thu. 6th January Mon. 9th January Mon. 8th January Mon. 6th January
Mid term


Mon. 15th February Mon. 14th February Mon. 13th February Mon. 12th February Mon. 10th February
Term ends


Fri. 26th March Fri. 1st April Fri. 31st March Fri. 29th March Fri. 28th March
Spring holiday Mon. 29th March – Fri. 9th April Mon. 4th April – Fri. 15th April Mon. 3rd April – Fri. 14th April Mon. 1st April – 12th April Mon. 31st March – Fri. 11th April
Term 4          
Term starts


Mon. 12th April Mon. 18th April Mon. 17th April Mon. 15th April Mon. 14th April
Good Friday


        Fri. 18th April
May Day holiday Mon. 3rd May Mon. 2nd May Mon. 1st May Mon. 6th May Mon. 5th May
Term Ends Fri. 3rd July Fri. 1st July Fri. 7th July Fri. 5th July Fri. 4th July
In-service days


20th Nov, 16th Feb, 17th Feb, 4th May 19th Nov, 15th Feb, 16th Feb, 3rd May 18th Nov, 14th Feb, 15h Feb, 2nd May 17th Nov, 13th Feb, 14th Feb, 7th May 15th Nov, 11th Feb, 12th Feb, 6th May



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