Letter to Senior Pupils

Dear senior pupils


SQA Update

Arrangements for quality assurance and the certification of National Courses and Awards



I write to provide you with the most recent information we have received from the SQA.   I have written to your parent/carer and explained how your work will be certificated this year.  It is important that you read through this letter as well.  The SQA has provided a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for senior pupils; again, read through this please.


I know this has been and continues to be a difficult time for you.  Many of you are saying to teachers that you performed poorly in the January Estimate Exams and your results are not going to be what you had hoped for.  Please be assured that we are looking at your progress across the year, not just those results in January.  Please continue to follow the advice of your class teacher and continue your learning until we end senior courses in May.


It is important that you read through the attached documents and gain an understanding of how certification works this year.  The school is asked to submit an estimate grade to assist the SQA in the certification process.  The SQA remain as the organisation in charge of issuing the grades.  As a consequence, please do not ask your class teacher for the estimate grade being submitted.  This may be subject to an adjustment by SQA.


Please trust us that we will work through this in partnership with the SQA.  I am proud of the way you have continued to work with your teachers.  Get some rest over the Easter holidays.


Joanne Hesford

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