COVID 19 Risk Assessment Summary

COVID 19 Risk Assessment Summary


Hazard People at Risk Control Measures
Virus transmission Pupils ·       Safety presentation for pupils on induction days

·       Separate and staggered entrances for year groups

·       Classrooms set up with all pupils facing front (where possible)

·       Staff to maintain 2m distancing from pupils

·       Pupils to use hand gel at sanitising stations when entering and exiting the school building

·       Pupils to wash hands or use hand gel when entering and exiting classrooms

·       Pupils to follow hand washing guidance

·       Pupils to wipe desks/equipment after use (equipment provided in classroom)

·       The canteen will be a pay and go service with only packed lunches available

·       Breaks to be staggered to avoid areas becoming over crowded

·       Pupils will be expected to go outside during break and lunch

·       Where possible, windows and doors to be kept open for ventilation

·       Facemasks are required in school corridors and social areas. Students will be issued facemasks as they come into school if they do not have. Student exemption cards will be issued where required.

Virus transmission Staff ·       Safety presentation for staff on induction day

·       Individual risk assessments for staff at risk

·       Staff advised they must maintain 2m distance from each other and pupils

·       Teachers desks have been set up 2m away from pupils’ desks

·       Staffroom set out to conform to 2m guidance

·       Staff do not need to use facemasks  in classrooms however they will be supported if they wish to wear one. All staff and visitors to wear facemasks in corridor and social areas.

·       Staff face to face contact to be limited

·       Staff to bring own food and drink and remove each day

·       Wipes provided in classrooms/offices so staff can wipe down workstations

·       Hand sanitiser in all rooms

·       PPE to be worn by staff who come within 2m of a pupil for 10 minutes or longer

·       First Aiders trained in the wearing of PPE

·       Shared equipment has been removed or to be wiped down between use by different individuals

·       Restricted use of reprographics machines and wiped down after use

·       Car sharing to be avoided where possible – Government guidance should be followed if no alternate options are available

·       Social distancing to be maintained when using car park

·       Staff provided with information on supportive mechanisms for psychological wellbeing via email & google drive.  Staff to speak to line manager re any concerns

·       Practical subjects have conducted additional risk assessments given the nature of the curriculum

Virus Transmission Staff and pupils ·       One-way system in place with markings on floor and walls.  Keep left signs in place where areas are two way.  Stairs identified as either for going up or coming down or social distancing required where applicable

·       Increased level of cleaning – day cleaner onsite

·       Staff/pupils advised to avoid public transport where possible – if using public transport, social distancing must be maintained and face masks worn

·       Janitors to bring deliveries into the school

·       Water fountains have been switched off and covered with notices to advise not in use – refilling area for water bottles will be identified

·       Staff and pupils not to come to school if they have COVID19 symptoms but to self-isolate as per government instructions and arrange a test

·       Any pupils feeling unwell during the school day to be held in the identified isolation room until collected.  Deep clean of isolation room to take place after use

·       Any staff with symptoms during the school day to leave immediately wearing a face mask and avoid public transport.  Staff advised on Aberdeen City Council’s procedures for arranging a test and reporting outcome of test

·       Staff to maintain social distancing during an emergency evacuation and at muster points

·       Staff/pupils to leave by nearest exit, ignoring one-way system, in the event of an emergency evacuation

·       Signage on effective hand washing and advisory hand washing signage displayed in all toilet areas at sinks

·       Staff and pupils reminded on when to wash hands/use sanitiser during induction days and signage throughout school

·       Staff to monitor practice and alert Senior Leadership Team of any potential risks.  Any risks highlighted will trigger a review of this risk assessment

·       Any pupils/staff refusing to comply with this risk assessment will be asked to work from home

Virus Transmission Parents, outside Agencies, visitors (agreed only in advance) ·       No access to car park or building

·       No public access to the car park – ACC installing a bollard to assist with this

·       Meetings to be held virtually

·       All visitors to provide contact details for test and track process

·       All visitors to confirm they are not experiencing Covid symptoms

·       Face masks must be worn

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