Curricular Areas


From S1 to S3 all pupils follow a Broad General Education (BGE) to provide the skills and knowledge which form the foundations of lifelong learning. Throughout the BGE young people are provided with opportunities for personalisation and choice. For example, at the end of S1 young people can specialise in the areas of Technologies, Expressive Arts and Social Studies to increase opportunities for in-depth learning experiences. After two years of the BGE it is important that we are providing our pupils with suitably challenging progressive pathways to ensure success in the Senior Phase (S4-S6). In order to do this, in S3 all pupils will study Maths, English, PE, PSE and RMPS and will have the opportunity to specialise their curriculum within the remaining curricular areas. In our elective columns pupils will be able to select an area of study to further deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding in an additional area.
Our Senior Phase (SP) aims to capture the attainment and achievement qualifications that all young people require to move on from school into positive sustained destinations. This session, in S4, we offered two bespoke curriculum pathways, Employability Pathway and Core Pathway, to develop the skills, experience, and qualifications necessary for all young people.

Curriculum Rationale for BGE

Senior Phase Pathway Planning

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