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The Scottish Government guidance on the re-opening of school buildings was published on 30th July and is based on the scientific information published on the 16th July.


Prior to the summer holidays, we shared with you our proposed induction programme, I can confirm that this induction programme will form the basis of the week one of the arrangements for the reopening of the school building.  Please find below an updated guide which includes the day and time of an induction session for your child during the week of 10 August.  It is essential that all pupils attend the induction session for their year group in order to be briefed on hygiene and health and safety practice, including a new one-way system.  Pupils will also receive a copy of their timetable.


All pupils will return on a full-time basis on Monday 17 August. Further guidelines on pupils’ return to classes will be issued to parents/carers next week.  We are looking forward to welcoming our young people back.



Induction Week – 10-14 August


All year groups will experience an induction session in the first week of term.  During these sessions, pupils will be briefed on hygiene, health and safety guidelines and behaviour expectations.  Timings of the planned induction for each cohort is provided below.  Following this communication you will receive a message stating your child’s designated house group.    It is imperative that all young people attend the induction sessions as each pupil will receive a copy of their timetable with the school map highlighting the one way system on the reverse of their timetable and for BGE students (S1-S3) a pack of resources for their own use.


Pupils must arrive 5 minutes before their designated start time and use the following entrances:


Crombie – Main door (enter from front of school)  

Don & Dunbar – Ramp door (enter from side playground)

Meston & Skene – Back Door (enter from back playground)


Pupils must wear school uniform during their induction session, as detailed later in this guide.


During their induction session, S2-S6 pupils should return chrome books and textbooks previously issued by the school so that these may be prepared for re-issue to new classes.


Pupils in S5 and S6 who wish to discuss a course choice change should arrange an appointment be emailing the school office at  Please make sure this request is made before 3pm on Friday 7th August 2020.

Day Year Group Time


MONDAY, 10 August


In-service for Staff

S4-S6 re-coursing by appointment


1330-1550 hours


TUESDAY, 11 August Staff Planning and Preparation

S4-S6 re-coursing by appointment



1330-1550 hours


WEDNESDAY, 12 August S1 Induction




S6 Induction


0900-1100 hours (Crombie)

0915-1115 hours (Don & Dunbar)

0930-1130 hours (Meston & Skene)

1200-1300 hours All S6


THURSDAY, 13 August S2 Induction




S3 Induction


0900-1000 hours (Crombie)

0915-1015 hours (Don & Dunbar)

0930-1030 hours (Meston & Skene)


1100-1200 hours (Crombie)

1115-1215 hours (Don & Dunbar)

1130-1230 hours (Meston & Skene)

FRIDAY, 14 August S4 Induction




S5 Induction




Induction of new pupils (S2-S6)

0900-1000 hours (Crombie)

0915-1015 hours (Don & Dunbar)

0930-1030 hours (Meston & Skene)


1100-1200 hours (Crombie)

1115-1215 hours (Don & Dunbar)

1130-1230 hours (Meston & Skene)


By appointment




Face Coverings


Any pupil wishing to wear a suitable face covering in school will be allowed to do so.


Journey to and from School


Pupils who travel to school by service bus must wear a face covering and observe physical distancing guidelines.

Please note that parents/carers are not permitted in the school grounds to drop off or pick up their child(ren), in accordance with ACC guidelines, this includes the school car park.

Arrival at School


The information detailed above provides the expected time they have to arrive at school and the entrance they have to use please discuss this with your child in advance of your child’s induction day.

Pupils will be required to use hand sanitiser on entering the school building.  It would be prudent to provide you child with pocket size hand sanitiser where possible.


School Uniform


Every child is required to wear school uniform to maintain the security and safety of all in our school community.  It also removes the pressure for young people and families to maintain the latest fashions that can be overly costly for families. This is in line with the guidance issued by Scottish Government on 30th July.


It is imperative that your child has their own school bag and stationary equipment that they bring to school with them.  We will issue jotters and other essential items but due to the public heath advice young people will be responsible for keeping and maintaining them.



Item Required Available to Buy
White shirt/blouse or Polo top Yes Any outlet – Parents choice
Black Jeans/Trousers Yes Any outlet – Parents choice
School Tie Yes – will be issued to S1 & S4 on first day in school, all others should have their school tie NA
Pullover Jumper/ V-neck jumper no logos except St Machar Academy Optional Pom Print for branded jumpers otherwise parent choice
School Bag Yes Any outlet – Parents choice
Stationary Equipment Yes Any outlet – Parents choice
PE T-shirt and own suitable shorts/joggers Yes PE- T-shirt School office £5.00



We recognise that these can be challenging times financially and we are looking to support ALL families that may not be able to provide full school uniform at this time.  If ANY family thinks purchasing the required uniform would be difficult please contact the school.  This will be dealt with confidentially and we will be able to support you.


Moving around the Building


During Induction Week, pupils will be given information on how to move safely around the school buildings.

At all times, pupils must follow the instructions of staff and adhere to the safety measures which have been put in place.  This includes the use of hand sanitiser on entry to each classroom.



During Induction Week, canteen facilities will not be available.

Vouchers will continue for pupils in receipt of Free School Meals.

Pupils should bring their own water bottles as the school water fountains will not be in use.

Leaving the School


Following their induction session, all pupils must leave the school grounds immediately.  This will allow the smooth running of multiple induction sessions.  If you are collecting your child please arrange to meet away from school grounds

Parental Communication with the School


In accordance with ACC guidelines, parents/carers are not permitted in the school grounds or buildings.  If a parent/carer wishes to talk to a member of school staff, they should telephone the school office (01224 492855) in the first instance.

Pupil Behaviour


It is important that pupils behave in a safe and responsible manner.  It is essential that all of our young people adhere to hygiene and health and safety practices as explained during the induction sessions.  As such, the highest standards of behaviour are required.






Local Delivery Phasing Plan 1.0 12.6.2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Change to School Timetable

Over the past year we have held discussions with young people, parent council, the local education authority and partners regarding the possibility of aligning our school day to other schools in Aberdeen City so that we may provide a comprehensive Senior Phase curriculum more in line with the needs of all of our young people.  This has included pupil, family and staff focus groups as well as a number of consultations seeking feedback and input from our stakeholders.

We would like to thank everyone who has provided invaluable feedback and opinion in order for an informed decision to be made.

The overall consensus and therefore agreed outcome is that we will move to the 32+1 period week, when we change timetable in June 2019 – Monday 3rd June 2019.

The exact school day times are provided below;

32 PERIOD WEEK (32 x 50min periods + 10 min registration)



8.40 – 8.50




8.40 – 8.50

PERIOD 1: 8.50 – 9.40 PERIOD 1: 8.50 – 9.40
PERIOD 2: 9.40 – 10.30 PERIOD 2: 9.40 – 10.30
INTERVAL 10.30 – 10.45 INTERVAL 10.30 – 10.45
PERIOD 3:  10.45 – 11.35  PERIOD 3:  10.45 – 11.35 
PERIOD 4: 11.35 – 12.25 PERIOD 4: 11.35 – 12.25
PERIOD 5: 12.25 – 13.15 LUNCH: 12.25 – 13.10
LUNCH: 13.15 – 14.00 PERIOD 5:  13.10 – 14.00 
PERIOD 6:  14.00 – 14.50  PERIOD 6: 14.00 – 14.50
PERIOD 7: 14.50 – 15.40 


Should you have questions or queries regarding this please contact the school directly.

Kind regards

Joanne Hesford


SQA Advice letter 3rd August 2020

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