Pathway Planning

Dear Parent/Carer


Tuesday 25th February 2020 4.30pm – 6.30pm

You are warmly invited to attend our S3 Parent’s/Carer’s/Guardian’s Evening, which takes place on Tuesday 25th February 2020. It is very important that you attend this evening to keep yourself informed about how you can contribute to ensuring the best possible performance for your child as they progress in their journey through Secondary Education.

This year we are again using  the Parent’s Evening Booking System. To make your appointments please go to:

Please note: You need to type this address into your website browser’s ‘web address bar’.

The booking system will allow you to make bookings from Friday 7th February at 4pm and will close for bookings on Monday 24th February at 12pm.

An appointment system will be in operation, however this will also be an open session should you wish to drop in.

The consultations will take place in the Games Hall where you will have the opportunity to talk directly to your child’s subject and Guidance teachers. Refreshments will be available outside the Games Hall. Entry is through the main school reception.

To login to the booking system you will need to enter:

Your title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) and surname

Your child’s first name, surname and date of birth

Please note: The login details you enter must match those we have on record for you. If you have not alerted the school to any relevant name changes, we will be expecting you to login with the details you gave us originally. Please be aware that the system is “title specific”, so if you are experiencing difficulties please try another title, for example Ms to Miss. Date of Birth input goes by dd/mm/year.

Once you have logged in, we suggest you use the ‘Booking Wizard’ to make your appointments, although a manual booking option (one booking at a time, one child at a time) also exists.

In the Booking Wizard you will be shown your child/children and all of their teachers. Toggling between your children will show you each child’s teachers. Tick the teacher(s) you wish to book (there’s a ‘Select All’ link) and enter your availability at the bottom of the page. The wizard will use this information to calculate the best order for your appointments, to help you visit teachers in the quickest manner possible.

If you cannot login and have tried all the combinations you think we have on file, please contact the school office using the e-mail address at the top of the login page and we will endeavour to support you.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Additional information and guides can be found here There is also a short video, explaining the process from the following link 


Parents Information Evenings

These sessions are open to all parents or adults supporting young people in subject choice and pathway planning. We will provide information on our curriculum, subject choice process, different courses available and how to get additional help/guidance if required.


S1/S2              Monday 20th January 6pm

S3/S4/S5         Thursday 20th February          6pm


Parent Drop in Sessions

This year we are also offering drop in sessions as an opportunity for parents, or adults supporting young people in subject choice, to seek advice, guidance or reassurance about choices. These will be informal and there will be no appointment required. Year Heads and Guidance Teachers will be available to meet during the drop ins.


S1                    Tuesday 21st January             4pm-5pm

S2                    Wednesday 5th February        3pm-4pm

S3                    Wednesday 26th February      3pm-4pm

S4                    Wednesday 18th March          3pm-4pm

S5                    Tuesday 17th March               4pm-5pm



From S1 to S3 all pupils follow a Broad General Education (BGE) to provide the skills and knowledge which form the foundations of lifelong learning. Throughout the BGE young people are provided with opportunities for personalisation and choice. For example, at the end of S1 young people can specialise in the areas of Technologies, Expressive Arts and Social Studies to increase opportunities for in-depth learning experiences. After two years of the BGE it is important that we are providing our pupils with suitably challenging progressive pathways to ensure success in the Senior Phase (S4-S6). In order to do this, in S3 all pupils will study Maths, English, PE, PSE and RMPS and will have the opportunity to specialise their curriculum within the remaining curricular areas. In our elective columns pupils will be able to select an area of study to further deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding in an additional area.
Our Senior Phase (SP) aims to capture the attainment and achievement qualifications that all young people require to move on from school into positive sustained destinations. This session, in S4, we offered two bespoke curriculum pathways, Employability Pathway and Core Pathway, to develop the skills, experience, and qualifications necessary for all young people.

Curriculum Rationale for BGE

Senior Phase Pathway Planning

Our S1 Curriculum

Our S2 Curriculum

Our S3 Curriculum